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International Business Club

The International Business Club (IB Club) seeks to provide a forum for students interested in international business to socialize with each other, and to network with professionals working in international business. This is a social club free and open to students. The club hosts a number of networking events and meetings throughout the semester. Themed topics and informative sessions offer interesting perspectives of life through the eyes of diverse students.

International Business Honor Society

The purpose of the International Business Honor Society (IBHS) is to recognize academic achievement and encourage interaction among qualifying students who are pursuing an International Business emphasis from the College of Business Administration. The Society provides opportunities for the development of leadership and service as well as for the honing of students' skills in marketing, management, logistics and finance, thereby enhancing their value in a competitive work environment. Students must meet the minimum requirements below to be considered for admission to the Honor Society.

  1. Show interest in the field of International Business
  2. Maintain a level of cultural sensitivity and openness
  3. A GPA of 3.2 or higher
  4. Must have an IB Emphasis
  5. Currently enrolled junior or senior

Apply to become a member at the International Business Institute's office, located at JCP 350.

International Business Career Conference

The International Business Career Conference is held in the spring semester every year. The conference provides an opportunity to students to interact with organization executives, career professionals and academic leaders who will address the concerns of today's students preparing to enter the international business workforce. This conference is organized and run by students from the International Business Honor Society. Learn more about the  International Business Career Conference.

International Business Case Competition

This competition first began in 2013. Its main objective revolves around solving a real issue a global company is currently facing. The two-day event fosters important skills business students can hone to their careers as they too will one day take on global challenges. The competition is set up as follows: Students receive the case, related information and a neutral team name at day 1, leaving them with approximately 20 hours for preparation of the case and their presentation. Presentations are handed in the next morning and cannot be altered afterwards. Each team presents their solution to the case to a jury of three judges. Judges are executives from internationally operating companies in the St. Louis area. The teams are not allowed to mention their university to guarantee complete neutrality by the judges. After each of the teams presented, the winning teams are announced during lunch time. They will then present the same presentation to the final jury, consisting of at least one member of the company that created the case. 


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