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IB Newsletter Fall 2007

Our First IMBA Interns Get Rave Reviews

During the 2006-2007 academic year, 25 students from China and France attended UMSL as members of the first graduating class.These students participated in summer internships with several St. Louis companies including A.O. Smith, Anheuser-Busch, Emerson Motors, Express Scripts, GMAC, Intulogy, Mediomics, NNR Global Logistics, Peabody Coal, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Scottrade, Sigma Aldrich, Silgan, Solutia, Sunset Transportation, Unigroup, Watlow and Women Inc. Many of these students are continuing to work for these companies into the fall semester and/or will then work for them as employees in their home countries when they return.

This year AIESEC UMSL has sent seven students abroad on exchanges. Students have worked in Thailand, Siberia, Poland, the Netherlands, and Mexico. These experiences provided the opportunity for the members to positively impact how their respective companies operated. The positions varied and required skills such as database management, administration, accounting, and finance. These are real learning opportunities where the students are given the chance to prove themselves while working in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Thank You Reception
To celebrate the 1st year International MBA (IMBA) internship program, the graduate business office in co-operation with the international business institute held a "Thank You" reception on September 19th, 2007 at the UMSL Alumni House to recognize the organizations and individuals that made the 1st year of the IMBA internship program such an outstanding success.

Park's College:Our newest partner in the IMBA program
We are excited that the IMBA program has a new and strong partner in Tirupur, India that will enrich our program tremendously. Park's College is known for its professionalism in their academic activities which produce professionals of world standards to face the future competition. The faculty members at Park's College have earned their established reputation with remarkably active academic, research, work and administrative experience.

China Study Trip May 22nd 2007 - June 3rd 2007
In May 2007, Dr. Hung-Gay Fung led a group of eight students to China for a two-week study tour. Their mission: learn as much as they could about one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the fascinating country and culture that support it.

The 2007 Thomas Jefferson Award Winner
Dr. Michael Harris, a fellow in the IBI, is the 2007 winner of the Thomas Jefferson Award. Dr. Harris is only the second business scholar to be granted this prestigious award, which is given every other year to a faculty member from one of the four University of Missouri campuses. The award is based on the "personal influence and performance of duty in teaching, writing and scholarship, character and influence devotion and loyalty to the University (that) best exemplifies the principles and ideals of Thomas Jefferson."

Profile of an International Business Major: Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos arrived at UMSL two years ago from Brazil to double major in International Business and Marketing. While studying International Relations in Brazil he decided his education would benefit from an international experience. He has broad experience in international business, including several internships in world trading and working at the American Chamber of Commerce in Brazil. Here he primarily worked as an intern in the Customer Relations department, but later was its coordinator, and was therefore fortunate to attract a corporate sponsor for his studies abroad.

Advisory Board Member spotlight: Ross Bushnell
Mr. Bushnell has been a member of the UMSL International Business Advisory Board for over four years and has served as the IB Advancement Committee chair for the past three. After receiving an MBA from Harvard Business School, Mr. Bushnell joined Monsanto Company in 1994 and worked in a variety of roles including sales, marketing, human resource management, general management and public affairs. After 11 years with Monsanto, Mr. Bushnell joined Silgan Plastics, a $650 million subsidiary of Silgan Holdings (SLGN), as Vice President and General Manager of the Closure System business before being promoted to Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Silgan Plastics' $500 million U.S. business.

International Business Club
The International Business Club (IBC) is an extremely diverse and very active student organization at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. To date, the IBC has over 125 members many of whom come from countries around the world, including Brazil, Chile, Germany, Austria, France, India and China. The IBC is dedicated to enhancing students' education while helping students cultivate a global mindset by providing exciting activities and events that are focused on international business. Some of the organization's activities include professional speakers, field trips, monthly meetings, and social events. The IBC provides speakers from the international student body, faculty, and business professionals with international experience.

IB Newsletter Spring 2007

The Des Lee Scholarship Program

The Des Lee Collaborative Vision at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, connecting the St. Louis region through educational and community partnerships, is historic in its success in bringing together key St. Louis educational and cultural institutions to establish programs and share resources that will benefit the St. Louis community, particularly populations that are underserved. Philanthropist E. Desmond Lee created the DLCV to empower individuals with education through access and exposure to new programs, innovative ideas and novel experiences. The DLCV currently encompasses 36 endowed professors and over 100 community partnerships.

Kuwait's GUST College of Business Brings International Flavors to UMSL
Last semester the UMSL College of Business Administration and GUST College of Business in Kuwait jointly offered a course via televideo with lectures alternating from their Kuwait campus and our St. Louis campus. A number of sessions were broadcast to the UMSL class from Kuwait.In addition, UMSL through its Center for International Studies continues to support the development of GUST.

IBI Open House
To celebrate the IB program's 8th national ranking and the office's recent makeover, the International Business Institute hosted an Open House for all UMSL students and faculty on November 14, 2006.

IMBA Update
The inaugural International MBA cohort has begun its second semester of coursework at UMSL and has begun interviewing for corporate internships. Through the diligent efforts of Peggy Gilbertson and Professor Allan Bird, as well as the assistance of Teresa Balestreri and the Career Services Office, the College has provided the students with opportunities for interview preparation, group meetings with corporate recruiters, and on-campus interviews. These activities will continue throughout the Spring semester.

Life as an IMBA Student
Laurent Baumann, 2nd year IMBA from Strasbourg, France, Amy Warren, 1st year IMBA currently studying in Kyoto, Japan, and Lydia Liao,2nd year IMBA from Nanjing, China, commented on their on their lives as an IMBA student. The case team was led by Dr. Ekin Pellegrini, an Assistant Professor in Management Department.

International Business Competition in Los Angeles
A team of four undergraduate students participated in the International Business Case Competition held at Loyola Marymount University. The competition was sponsored by the World Trade Week Committee, an initiative of the LA Area Chamber of Commerce. The case team was led by Dr. Ekin Pellegrini, an Assistant Professor in Management Department.

Faculty on the Move: Exploring the Canal
Professors David Ronen and Doug Smith, with representatives of SAS Institute, visited the Panama Canal in September for an intensive briefing on canal operations.

Profile of an International Business Major: Jason Bockman
Jason Bockman is a 25 year old, British born citizen of the United States. Although a drug abuse counselor by education, Jason returned to school to study Chinese and International Business in order to expand his horizons. Since his return to college Jason has opened a kosher vending business that was awarded best in Saint Louis by the Riverfront Times.

Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Michael Costello
Michael Costello is an international attorney with a successful record of enabling companies to achieve their commercial objectives in Europe, Asia and the Americas in a cost effective and compliant manner. Mr. Costello is a coordinator in the Center for International Studies and an adjunct faculty member in the International Business Program in the College of Business Administration at the University of Missouri- St. Louis.

International Business Club and (IBC) Activities
In the fall, IBC and the Student Investment Trust went on its annual trip, this time to visit the Board of Trade in Chicago. All the members enjoyed themselves and learned quite a bit about the trading process while they were there. The bulk of the semester was spent on the planning and execution of the first IBC International Career Fair entitled "Cut Your Hair and Get a Real Job!" It is a unique idea from our President Jason Bockman and was developed by officers and many of our members.