IB Fellows
Steve Burrows
Joseph William Rottman, D.Sc.,
Director, International Business Institute,
Department Chair, Global Leadership and Management
Professor of Management Information Systems
Steve Burrows, MBA,
Red Spider Consulting, LLC
Hung-Gay Fung
Michael J. Costello,
Associate Teaching Professor in the field of Law & International Business
Hung-Gay Fung, Ph.D.,
Curators' Professor of Finance
Gerald Gao Lacity
Gerald Y. Gao, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor of Marketing
Mary Cecelia Lacity, Ph.D.,
Curators' Professor of Information Systems
Janet Murray Pellegrini
Janet Y. Murray, Ph.D.,
E.Desmond Lee Professor for Developing Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs in International Business
Ekin Pellegrini, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor Global Leadership and Management
Douglas Smith
Betty Vining
L. Douglas Smith, Ph.D.,
Director of the Center for Business and
Industrial Studies
Professor of Management Science
Elizabeth Vining, MBA,
Teaching Professor of Marketing